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What Is The Best Sales Funnel Builder In 2016

What Is The Best Sales Funnel Builder That Has All The Things You Need And Nothing That You Don’t

So what is the best sales funnel builder?

You may have stumbled across this article while looking for the best sales funnel software or were just looking for ways to increase conversions of your existing funnel.  You may also be  trying to figure out what sales funnels are exactly and how to use them.

In this article I will cover the best sales funnel software that I feel is the best bang for your buck.

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What Is Marketing Funnel Automation And What Is The Value Of A Sales Funnel Creator


So the main value of marketing funnels are they create a easy buying environment based on gaining trust and giving value and slowly getting people to basically know, like or trust you and your business.

A Sales funnel is the best way for most business to connect with their customers, readers or audience. When you use a sales funnel correctly you can convert at a higher level or actually make sales when you could not sell anything. 

Sales funnels slowly inform and educate and keep in contact with all your customers at the same time. A sales funnel can basically be looked at like your automated sales force. 

Now If you want to brush up on what a sales/purchase funnel is and does check this out here.

Many people have heard of sales funnels but they can be difficult to build and down right impossible to do correctly without the proper know how. 

10 minute funnels by Kyle Graham and Alex Mendossian is in my opinion the best sale funnel builder for the price. It is also ran by legitimate marketers that have put out solid programs and been in the game for a while. So if you have ever wanted to sell anything online, you may have heard that you need to create a sales funnel.

Typically you would have to build the pages and link them together yourself manually. This takes a lot longer than you may think as typically your using a few different programs to make it run smoothly.

So now they have sales funnel page builders that do all this for you and host them as well. If you’re running a blog or you have a mailing list a good funnel builder will take out all the guess-work and allow you to properly market to your subscribers or blog readers.

This is where you will really want a sales funnel creator like 10 minute funnels that will allow you to build an unlimited amount of funnels and host them. This is especially useful if you plan to go after more than one niche or you constantly need to create new funnels for testing.

What So What Is The Best Sales Funnel Creator And Why Should You Give It A Try

So Lets Get To The Point… The Best Sales Funnel Buider And Host For The Price

So if I was going to recommend a good sales funnel builder, I would definitely recommend 10 minute funnels over may other page builders such as Clickfunnels or even Lead Pages. 

Clickfunnels is the same kind of program as 10 Minute Funnels but Clickfunnels charges $97 for the ability to build and host only 25 funnels.

This is not bad  but you can build unlimited funnels with 10 Minute Funnels for the same price.

You would have to pay Clickfunnels $297 dollars a month to build unlimited funnels, where 10 Minute Funnels only charges $97 a month for unlimited.

Clickfunnels only has a couple other features like an affiliate program builder, which for the most part people do not need and it comes at a $200 dollar increase a month.

There are a lot of variations of sales funnel builders out there.

There is also just funnel architecture layout software but this does not build or host but more or less just lays out the flow and structure for a visual aid. There is also just sales funnel analytics and monitoring programs.

In this post i’m just going to focus on the best Sales funnel and page builder with included hosting.


If you have wanted to build sales funnels like a pro and do it quickly 10 Minute Funnels is worth every penny.

It not only allows you to create a complete sales funnel in a very short amount of time but it also builds pages and hosts them on really premium hosting. 

When you market to people you need to know what people respond best to. Everything that is in 10 Minute Funnels from the template layouts, to the blazing fast hosting are all there to create sales funnels for your business that can be set up by beginners and look like a professional marketer.

Everything In 10 Minute Funnels is there so that you can maximize conversions and all the templates are made by a marketer for marketers.

The best part is this funnel builder is stand alone which means you could use just 10 Minute Funnels to run a business without a blog if you wanted. I wouldn’t suggest using this without a blog, especially if you only want free organic Google traffic.

If you’re planning on just doing paid traffic sources 10 Minute Funnels would be all you need to create amazing funnels to optimize conversions for multiple niches. Then in real-time you can edit your funnels add in autoresponders and special upsells and promotions.

So What About Other Sales Page Builders?

So there is others that are similar to 10 Minute Funnels that work very similar but they never seem to be able to beat the value that 10 Minute Funnels has.

So many people before would just use programs like Lead Pages build a sales page and host it but it can cost just as much if you start building too many pages and it also doesn’t link your funnels together.

Learning the proper way to build funnels can be just as hard as learning SEO, anyone can do it but only a pro can do it correctly. This turns you into a funnel building customer behavior pro.

If you’re not looking to make your own affiliate program and want to just focus on your business 10 Minute Funnels has both these programs beat, with excellent value for the price as well as more useable features and fresh new templates.

If you want a hassle free way to build funnels and get the best monthly price coupled with the best support than you will want to give 10 Minute Funnels 14 day trial for a $1 a try.

Also If you want the full review of the most recommended Sales Funnel Creator Then Check This Out Here

What Is The Best Sales Funnel Builder? | My Thoughts On Using Sales Funnel Creators    

  So If you asked me what I feel is the best sales funnel builder I would recommend using 10 minute funnels by Kyle Graham.  This program will make it so easy to build funnels,  that not only will pay for itself but will make you a lot more in the long run than you spend on this monthly.

The impact it will have to your bottom line is worth it. This funnel builder will save you so much time that you normally had to use building hosting and linking sales funnels. If you’re serious about marketing online this is an excellent addition to your arsenal. 

 If you would like an all in one platform to host, research, build and market your online business, that can also fill in the gaps and take you from point A To Point B then you’re going to really like my #1 most recommended program HERE. When you click the link be sure to set up your profile and give this a real chance, it’s free to try. The best part is you can stay a free member as long as you like, no forced continuity.


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Charles says September 11, 2016

Awesome post, thank you for sharing I started using 10 minute funnels and it has helped boost my overall sales 10 fold. It’s really worth the money and is better than clickfunnels IMO.

tg says June 15, 2016

hi, i need information about organo gold.
need some advice.
can u reply me?

    Brandon says June 15, 2016

    I don’t sell Organo Gold not sure what advice I could give you, I do feel it is not a good busines to get into. If you would like more info I have an article on it here if you have anymore question please let me know, just respond on the organo gold article that I have linked so that I can keep the comments on topic as this is about sales funnel builders.

Sainy says June 14, 2016

Hi Brandon
You mention in your article that there is “funnel architecture layout software” out there. can you recommend some sites that provide that.
I’ve looked at 10 minute funnels and clickfunnels. Both restrict using outsourced page builder. I am using Thrive Themes and I am really happy with their intuitive design layout. building pages with Thrive Themes is a key (in my opinion). And from their I want to use the funnel builder to link all the pages together. can you recommend just a funnel builder software that you think has the capacity to build multiple funnels.
Can you guide me please.

Many Thanks

    Brandon says June 15, 2016

    I’m not aware of a good funnel builder that you use a third party page builder, as 10 Minute Funnels builds pages, makes funnels and hoosts all pages on super high speed hosting, at the same time without having to do all that.

    There are many funnel builders but they do not give you proven funnel stuctures or proven templates that help convert. All a thrid party funnel builder will do is allow you to map out what your funnel will look like which you could do with just pen & paper if you wanted. The key to 10 minute funnels is you are building with their templates, using funnel structures that 7 figure earners are using to convert and also getting really fast hosting. I have never researched just a funnel builder as they don’t do anthing but help with a visual.

    I Hope This Helps

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