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Top 8 Best Money Saving Apps To Get You Saving Without Even Knowing It.

    The Best money saving apps are the ones that work consistently with the biggest returns. Listed below are hands down the best money saving apps you can use. 

    If you’re looking to stop leaving money on the table when you purchase things then start using these apps. 

    Best Money Saving Apps

    If you just want to make a little bit of money with an app without needing to purchase anything, then you can try one of the top 15 Money Making Apps here.

    So what is the best money saving app?

    Well I have complied a list of more than just one as these all had strong solid qualities to help you save money. Some of the apps can even be stacked with another at the same time to give yourself extra savings.  This alone is worth checking them out and testing a few as one is bound to be right up your alley. 

    Top 8 Best Money Saving Apps

    1. Trim:  – This app can cut unnecessary billing that you might not have been aware of. If it helps you cancel an old membership that you don’t use anymore then you can get instant savings back to you. This app is free and works in 

    2. Dosh – Dosh is a different type of cash back app as they connect straight to your credit or debit card. Dosh is not the only one but is one of the first apps to use this type of technology. Dosh allows you to get money back when purchasing anything from their affiliated partner stores.

    Learn how Dosh works and full review here 

    You can get really good discounts on hotel and also discounts everywhere else like eating out and movies clothes etc.  They use a bank level encryption with a very secure 256 bit encryption. This will keep your info safe. They do not have access to your card but rather a tracking to give you rebates on autopilot.

    3. Ibotta – This is a good app but you need to get ready to keep your grocery receipts and scan then after to get your rebates.  If you want a good app to get cash back while also finding you coupons to use to possibly stack with your rebate deals then this is the app for you.

    This is one of the most popular apps as it finds coupons for grocery items and then also will have cash back rebates for items as well. Many use the coupons along with the rebates to stack extra savings. You can use other apps through Ibotta and save even more.

    You have to start in the Ibotta app and launch one of the app partners within the Ibotta interface.

    Current App-to-App Partners:

    • (5% back) 
    • Groupon (40% back) 
    • (5% back) 
    • Boxed (15% back) 
    • Handy (10% back) 

    Within 10 days you’ll receive a percentage of your total purchase price in your Ibotta account. Once your account reaches $20 in cash back, you can cash out for gift cards or even direct deposits to PayPal.

    Check out my complete Ibotta review Here.  Get $10 dollars when you set up and use the free Ibotta app. 

    4. Shop Tracker – is similar to the money making apps like Nielsen that pay you for adding their app. This one is a little different as it just wants to track your Amazon shopping habits. The amount of time you put in is very minimal, but so is the pay.

    This is just another one of those things that makes money for doing nothing but sometimes doesn’t seem worth enough for anyone to take it seriously. you also would need to fill out a 3 question multiple choice survey about your Amazon purchase history. You get $3 dollars for registering and it only takes about 5 minutes. Then for every month you get an additional $3 bucks.  This is a very passive money saving app when making those Amazon purchases. 

    5. Ebates –  Shop through Ebates website and get paid. Just simple shop with Ebates and earn cash back with your order. You can get paid later without anything else.  This is a neat site one you get to understand how you can use it. See how Ebates works to save you money with online purchases.

    If you shop for products with online or retail arbitrage you can make pretty good money with sites like Ebates. If you just use it wisely to shop you can still get a few hundred dollars back a year which still seems worth the effort. 

    You can learn to use Ebates to earn double cash back or shop selection of rotating double cash back stores. There is also exclusive deals like extra cash back and daily deals with trending items. You can earn an extra 3% cash back with Ebates Visa and 1% anywhere Visa is accepted which is pretty much everywhere. 

    6. Paribus – If you’re always seeing that you bought something that you thought was at a good price and later realized you could have saved that money then Paribus is for you. Instead of searching around for the best deals just let Paribus do it. When you link your online shopping accounts to Paribus it will track the internet for cheaper prices. Even if you have already made the purchase, Paribus will track down original retailer and ask them for a refund. 

    7. BeFrugal – Be frugal is very similar to the Top cash back app.  This is just another good online paid to shop apps to use. 

    8. Checkout 51 – Checkout 51 works very similar to Ibotta, Ebates and Be frugal in the fact that you need to buy things to receive the rewards. They work on a similar system to ibotta, where you need to scan receipts or take a picture of your receipt after shopping and submit it to checkout 51. What’s nice about programs that have ou scan receipts is it does not matter where you buy the product from as long as it shows up on your receipt. 

    What is great about these apps is how you can stack them with other scanning apps along with stacking coupons. There is a lot of possibilities for a creative user of any of these paid to shop rebate apps. 

    These apps are great for saving a little money here an there but what if you’re wanting to make full time income online?

    This just wont be enough to live on but it can be enough to start a blog which can then make a full time income. 

    Then learn how you can make money blogging

    and learn how to create a real sustainable business online. 

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