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TOP 15 Best Money Making Apps Without Any Investment

    The best money making apps are the ones that are the most realistic to use. Also ones that can earn you the most money the quickest won’t hurt either.  Making money apps on your smartphone are getting more popular and have never been easier. 

    Best Money Making Apps

    If you have been looking to earn money from home without any investment, then these money making apps are your best bet.

    You can now get a variety of money making apps put on your phone. In your spare time you can now earn extra cash… Sometimes just for uploading an app, and other times just for little tasks or actions. 

    This is different from the “money saving apps here” that helps you save money and pay you rebates to shop.

    These money saving apps or paid to shop apps obviously need you to buy things first in order to get cash back… Below are apps that you can use and start for free. You can use these to start earning money legitimately from home, at work, on the road or whatever. 

    Now they’re not going to make you rich or even be a full time income but if used correctly and compounding a few together they can actually save you more than might think. Then you can use this money to help start funding other online businesses. 

    Top 15 Best Money Making Apps Around

    When considering joining and using any money making app you should always consider a few things.

    You will want to see:

    1. How they payout (cash, points, gift cards etc)
    2. Have they been around (are they a new beta app or already proved themselves and been around for a little while)
    3. How long will you have to wait for payment 
    4. Do they have any sign up bonuses
    5. Do they have any good referral program incentives

    Best Money Making Apps List

    1. American Consumer Opinion – (Only available to iOS apple users)  These guys are one of the best paying survey sites for people in US,UK, Canada. They are very fast to pay and one of the better survey sites to earn decent extra cash from.  This is an iphone app that pays you through Paypal or many other accounts.

    2. Media Insiders – You can put the app on up to a total of 4 mobile devices. They pay $5 dollars a device up to $20 a month depending on how many devices you add.  Then the song in your head starts playing – “Private eyes they’re watching you”  Well realistically they only watch what you’re doing on the devices you add them to. They’re a very established company and if you were going to trust an app like this, well this is it.

    With 4 devices you can earn enough to have a monthly bill or two paid for doing nothing.  Just download and surf and watch shows and get paid.

    3. Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel –  If you want to get paid for doing nothing, the Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel pays you for simply leaving their app installed on your phone. Simply use your phone like you normally do and earn free cash. Nielsen is able to pay you as they collect data on how your phone is used. This includes what apps installed, internet speed, what type of device you own, etc.

    4. SavvyConnect – This works in a similar manner to the Nielsen and Media insiders app. Leave an app installed on your mobile device and get paid to use it like you normally would. Absolutely no work is required on your part. Then Each month the SavvyConnect app is on your phone, you earn $5 a month. Increase your earnings by installing the SavvyConnect app on a maximum of 3 devices for $15 a month or $180 a year. 

    5. Swagbucks This is one of the best apps to earn gift cards on android but also works for iOS as well. Does Swagbucks Really work, Yes. This is one of the best apps to make money fast but you wont make a lot. Swagbucks is a popular site that you can earn Swag points on and is one of the few apps that pay you to watch tv. These Swag points can then be exchanged for Paypal and Amazon gift cards. You can do many things for Swag points including everything from taking surveys, daily goals and polls for points to watching videos and making purchases etc. 

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    Is Swagbucks A Scam

    6. Slidejoy 

    Get paid to have ads displayed on your phones locked screen. They pay you $36 -$120 a year to have these ads sitting there.The neat thing about this is you can run both apps at the same time.

    • Slidejoy is based on how much you see the ad. Users average $5-$10 a month
    • Screen pay is a flat $3 dollars per month.

     Other Apps similar to consider: Adme or ScreenPay

    7. Loot – Get paid to share content and take pictures or completing actions from top brands. Download and browse all the different campaigns and complete a task or action.

    8. Luctastic – Do you ever wish that someone would let you gamble for free and still allow you the chance to win?  If you love the thrill of potentially winning something but hate the guilt after buying a ticket and wasting money then Lucktastic well be fantastic for you to use. If you didn’t win the big jackpot no sweat you didn’t pay anything.

    9. HQ Trivia – Are you the one that people look at for the right answer on Jeopardy? Well if you know weird trivia and useless facts you can finally stop submitting your application to who wants to be a millionaire and just play this app at home. The quiz daddy asks 12 questions, you have multiple choice and 10 seconds to answer each question. If you get all 12 right you will split the grand prize around $2,000 and has gone up to $25,000 on special occasions.

    10.  Clashot  – Get paid to take pictures of things like art, cities, food and more with your phone. You can sell you photos for $50 cents to $80 dollars. You can simply just register an account with clashshot and share a photo with model release and go through verification and start selling those pics.

    11.  Iconzoomer – Iconzoomer is similar to Clashot but a little different, With Iconzoomer you earn money sharing consumer activity. Once you create a profile you can receive assignments.  You will be asked for things such as what your eating for dinner to what types of clothes your wearing etc.

    You can then share a review of the products that you photographed and submit the image to receive five credits. You can get a payout once the account balance reaches 200 credits which is roughly $10. This is one of the many apps that pay you through Paypal or Amazon.

    12. Mobee – Get paid to mystery shop. Search for missions that you like apply do the mission and then answer the questions. You can earn anywhere from $1.50 to $30 dollars for completed missions. This is one of the apps that pay you through Paypal.

    13. Field Agent – Similar to Mobee above you can earn anywhere from $3 -$12 dollars visiting local stores and taking pictures and verifying price. Download and start doing missions and tasks and start getting paid.

    14. Surveys On the Go – You know how this works you take a survey they pay you for your opinion. Well this is no different… get paid up to $5 dollars for completing surveys. They average about a dollar each and you can get paid when you get $10 dollars.

    15. Shopkick – This is one that is just easy to make money if you can work it into your schedule or make it into an exercise.  Shop kick will give you kicks that you can exchange for money just for walking in the door or for scanning items or make even more for actually purchasing items.  Rewards average about 250 kicks which is roughly $1.

     16. Tap Cash Rewards – Are you into playing games on your phone? Well it’s time to get paid for it. This is just an android app that allows you to earn cash for downloading and playing games and apps. You can also complete simple tasks.

     17. CashPirate – Cash Pirate is a really neat money making app. You can earn on average around $25 bucks a month some say they earn $50 a month. You can get a payout once you hit a very low minimum of $2.50. You can earn by watching videos. Cash Pirate is a good money making app that is consistent been around and pays out.

    18. Bing Rewards – Pays you $85 a year for searching the internet. Why not get paid for using a search engine when looking things up. Use bing as your search engine and they will pay you $85 dollars by the end of the year. If you were already using Bing anyway you might as well do this.

    You get a credit for each Bing search and you can get a max of 10 searches. So you can earn around $6 bucks a month back for something you needed to do anyway. So there you have it… the 18 best money making apps that are legit to start making money now for free. This is one the apps that pays you through Paypal rather than needing to exchange points.

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    P.S I would love to hear your two cents…

    Please let me know if you have had success with any of these apps or if any problems have arised when using any of the apps listed. 

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