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What Is Beaver Builder… So Easy It’s One Dam Project After Another!

    What is Beaver Builder: Why Should You Just Leave It To Beaver!

    What is Beaver Builder and why do you really need this plugin?


    So you either just got a theme and can’t edit it or already have an existing theme that you may be wanting to customize.

    Well until just a few years ago this would need to be done with a Theme Designer/coder.

    Well thanks to framework plugins like Beaver Builder you now can have the power… Well to customize your own website at least.

    So in a nutshell, Beaver builder is a wordpress plugin that allows you to fully customize your WordPress theme, without coding experience or help from theme designer.

    What Is Beaver Builder Exactly?

    Well if you’re wanting to go beyond just using a genral themes basic capabilities that just come standard with wordpress, you would want to use a plugin like Beaver Builder.


    Beaver Builder will enable you to do all your site and page customization yourself. Plus design landing pages and opt-in pages.

    BB’s most unique function is allowing anyone to edit the theme but without leaving special shortcodes behind, that looks like coding jibberish.

    If you ever wanted to switch themes for example like with DIVI builder themes, your left with a shortcode nightmare.

    It’s not a huge deal now as much due to theme designers like DIVI making plugins that fix this problem. But then that’s another plugin to keep on your site to just serve a basic function.

    You need more plugins on your site like you need another hole in your head.

    In other words less is better when it comes to plugins, so if they’re on there they better be serving a good function and not be bloated heavy coded anchors for your site.

    It would be almost impossible now a days to build your own theme from scratch to rival themes like Thrive themes, DIVI or Genesis. So this is why no one will really build a Theme from scratch

    but rather get a theme like Genesis framework and then utilize Beaver Builder to edit and customize without the need for hiring a coder.

    Beaver Builder Will Enable You To Make A One Of A Kind Website Very Quickly And Easily.

    Most themes still need special customizations to make it branded.  These customizations will take the average person so long to figure it out and get it right. It would not be even close to worth it doing it yourself.

    I think that is why they call this plugin Beaver Builder because you could just do one dam project after another, just like a beaver… very easily.

    If you already have a website theme and want to make major customizations:

    • You can hire a theme designer but then you will be at the mercy of a theme designers schedule.
    • Hope that they do everything they way you want.
    • Also wonder if they actually know what they’re doing.

    Designers cost a lot more money than a plugin.


    Use Beaver Builder.

    This plugin can fit its way in and create a custom child theme on top of any theme.

    BB also edits sites with out adding proprietary short codes. This is the codes that easy site builders will leave behind and can cause problems later if you try to switch themes.

    Beaver builder works great when you’re up against trying to customize your site without any coding knowledge.

    Beaver Builder can work to take any theme and allow you to make customizations yourself. Then still have the look as if you hired a theme coder.

    Beaver Builder Allows Anyone To Take Just About Any Theme And Make It Their Own

    So this is a simple plugin but it has many more features than just your typical plugin.

    This plugin can be thought of as more of a framework that basically lays over your current theme.

    Edit Theme you have now with their child themes or use Beaver Builders Theme.

    Beaver Builder Is Very Easy To Use what_is_beaver_builder_templates

    So first they offer an editor where it allows you to edit on the front end the way you actually see it but in a pop up window.

    This is different from the other third party plugins having to edit with complicated functions on the back end and then having to save to then preview your work.

    This makes it much easier for anyone to craft a great looking customized website theme in minutes.

    Not only will Beaver Builder allow you to edit like a coding master but also is lightweight and includes no bloated heavy code like poorly made third party plugins.

    The developers of beaver builder has clean and simple code in mind when creating this plugin.

    Since it uses the top web coding standards this plugin is not heavy and does not use up resources or slow down performance.

    Beaver Builder Is Fully Customizable

    Beaver Builder is a complete customizable framework,  similar to the child theme that is used to customize themes similar to Genesis themes.

    With beaver builder you can customize any of the top themes out there

    So if you Use:

    • Thrive Themes
    • Studio Press Genesis theme
    • Themeco X Theme
    • Elegant DIVI theme
    • Themeforest themes

    You can customize it yourself using Beaver Builder.

    Now this is where it get tricky…

    There is two other very good plugins that compare and even outperform Beaver Builder: 

    1. Thrive Themes –  Thrive Architect.  It has more features that Beaver Builder and comes with unlimited updates. True front end editing without popup windows or back end function confusion
    2. Elegant DIVI Theme – DIVI builder plugin that allows for easy edits and templates but leaves behind tons of proprietary short-code should you ever want to switch. Also all this coade can leave site bloated and running slow. Beaver builder and Thrive Architect are the only two plugins that can work with any wordpress theme and will not leave behind this code to slow down site.

    With Beaver builder you will have to renew yearly for updates and support. Thrive Architect comes with unlimited updates.

    So with Beaver Builder you just need to install the Beaver Builder plugin and also activate the Beaver Builder child theme.

    Then you’re ready to edit and design your Beaver theme or your choice of theme.  

    Beaver Builder is compatible with the majority of WordPress themes.

    Also working with Beaver Builders child theme is not hard to edit, like if you were to do this all on your own.

    Beaver builder will also work with custom themes and frameworks.

    Beaver builder also includes customization of shortcodes and widget.

    What’s nice about Beaver Builder is it also comes with pre-built template pages… 12 home pages and 11 internal post/pages.

    This is something that can get you started quickly, utilizing the templates that have already been created. Then just add or subtract things you want or don’t want accordingly.

    Does Ol’ Beaver Builder Know SEO?

    So yes, Beaver Builder took SEO into consideration as this is SEO ready.

    Beaver Builder will allow you to get better results and takes SEO standards into consideration.

    This BB theme and plugin for example uses code compression and markups to add metadata to images through your site. It will add code to things like site image logo.

    Using structured data in this specific way gives search engines deeper understanding of the use of our content images.

    Beaver Builder Is Down With Mobile and Fully Responsive

    This is pretty much a given with a good page builder now a days but just to be clear Beaver Builder is 100% responsive across all devices.

    Now that Google and search engines all are focusing more on mobile search you need a theme and page builder that is fully responsive.

    Sites built using Beaver Builder wont have to worry about it not showing up properly on mobile.

    Mobile friendly labels are being put on websites search engine listings, so way before a person even sees your site they know if it’s mobile friendly.

    This is very important with click through rates and ultimately affecting your overall SEO rank.

    You just can’t cannot afford to build a fixed width static, non dynamic and non responsive website anymore.

    Responsive web design is the only way to fly, and Beaver Builder makes that not only possible but very easy.

    Every page you build with Beaver Builder will also be responsive.

    The beaver framework is fully responsive on all devices windows screens and sizes.

    Beaver Builder Super Powers

    You can get an agency package with a network wide control panel that give you super admin control to configure beaver builder from one central place.

    The agency package also allows you to white label and change the branding to look good for that client.

    This is not just for pages, you can also use beaver builder to create a woo-commerce type store using drag and drop.

    Just drag and drop different e-books, courses or products and you got yourself a quick online store set up.

    What Beaver Builder Does That Is Not The Best?

    1. Beaver Builder restricts you by only letting you see what your editing on the page behind a popup window. This is not a true front end editor as you just use another window and then can see your changes.
    2. They don’t offer support or updates unless you renew yearly as they do not come with it. These are important updates that you need so plugin is not vulnerable to hacks to also working correctly on site. 

    Beaver Builder Conclusion

    Knowing if Beaver Builder is right for you really comes down to if you like the way they lay it out.  As their are other plugins that offer this same capabilities such as Thrive Themes Architect. 

    If you buy a theme and then use Beaver Builder you have two different plugins talking to each other at the minimum.

    Something like Thrive Themes with their Architect Plugin creates anything that Beaver Builder can create from amazing home pages to landing and sales pages yourself. So really it comes down to which one works best with your editing style as they can both work well. 

    Beaver Builder is a good plugin to use to edit but Thrive Architect are Amazing plugins that seem to take the cake and will go above and beyond. 

    Beaver Builder can still be a good solution for enabling you to design your site yourself.

    The main problem with Beaver Builder is…

    • Their pop over editor is really not a true front end editor like with Thrive Architect
    • You have to buy every year just to get updates and support Architect gives you unlimited updates with one time purchase. 

    Now a huge thing to consider is other Theme companies like Thrive Themes that create plugins like Thrive Architect that does the same and more. Plus they make themes that allow way more customizations right out of the box even if you added no plugins such as Beaver Builder.

    With companies like this you really don’t need Beaver Builder to enable you to just make edits or even to make professional sales/landing or home pages.

    They’re also Fast lightweight coded themes that work seamlessly with other amazing conversion optimizing plugins, along with Architect to seriously maximize turning visitors into customers. 

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    So Beaver Builder is a great plugin and as far as third party plugins to edit your theme, and I would say is second only to using Thrive Architect in my opinion.

    If for some reason you don’t like Thrive for whatever reason then I would say my second choice would be Beaver Builder.

    LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW:  What Your Opinion Is On Beaver Builder Or Thrive Architect

    Have You Used Either?  Which One Is Your Favorite? 

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