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Automated Wealth Network Scam – What Is Automated Wealth Network Exactly

    Name: Automated Wealth Networkautomated_wealth_network_AWN_logo
    Price: Free – $40 initially, then Upsells of other products and MLM

    Owners: Tim Chesonis & Michael Cocan
    Overall Rank: 42 out of 100
    VERDICT: Borderline Scam
    Alternative ProgramTo Realistically Make Money:

    Automated Wealth Network Review Just The Same Old Song and Dance


    automated_wealth_network_sqeeze_pageOk, so I just came across a newer program called the Automated Wealth Network with the same old stuff but in a new fancy package.  

    The owners of the program are Tim Chesonis & Michael Cocan. Tim Chesonis had a pretty good video marketing webinar that gave some pretty good info on how to test close and gain more attention through video.  

    Now the stuff he was sharing was worth it but where he wants you to eventually end up isn’t.

    They say AWN partners with My cash freebies which then Tim Chesonis made a system that mainly makes him profit just like Instant Payday Network. They link this whole training and my cash freebies to basically pre-sell you to get on their MLM at the end. My cash freebies is what will entice you to go further.

    The training will help you basically recruit more leads for the owners of AWN. They rescuit so they can distract you with freebie referal tasks and involuntarily get sign ups for thier Empower Network account which is the real end goal of this program. 

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    Once you give up and stop promoting, they continue to capitalize on the free leads you spent time and money building. So if you don’t listen to the secret bonus and do not want to pay a few hundred, to a few thousand dollars for the backend promotion to go all in then you will not make much money.

    You’re essentially collecting people for the owners down line and this freebie refferal job is just a distraction.

    This is where the real technique is taught but they are not teaching this but if you look closely enough, you will see the game they’re trying to play and the game sucks.

    This whole course is based on the my cash freebies system and trains you to basically be a good worker bee for Tim Chesonis. This guy recently had teamed up with another guy Ryan Maynard who promotes the affiliate for Tim Chesonis as Ryan Maynard has a system that he made that copies Instant Payday Network.

    Then This new system by Tim Chesonis is just a new angle or way of presenting the My Cash Freebies network that then up sells you to MLM, if you want to supposedly make real money. These programs are nothing new and all lead eventually to Empower Network or some other very similar MLM.

    What Is Automated Wealth Network And Is Automated Wealth Network A Scam?  


    What is automated wealth network? Well There Are Many Programs That Do The Exact Same Thing as Automated Wealth Network that have been labeled a scam such as:

    • Zipp Nadda Ziltch (Jeffery Kocurek) one of the first ones
    • Instant Payday Network (Jeff Buchanan) Copied system that worked and made some improvements
    • Online Profits For Newbies (Ryan Maynard) copied Instant Payday Network but made some improvements to the training, this course is supposed to be taken down due to not making money for the owner.
    • Automated Wealth Network (Tim Chesonis & Michael Cocan) Copied all these systems but then put a new spin and angle on it so they did not look the same. He is claimed to be part owner of my cash freebies and claims he was mentored by Russell Brunson. Russell Brunson has good info but will only just give you enough of it to be dangerous to yourself. All of these programs do the exact same thing and keep changing the names so it looks like something new to newbies and beginners who may have heard the others are scams.

    Zip Nadda Ziltch


    Instant Payday Network


    Online Profits For Newbies



    Automated Wealth Network










    arrowRightBig Have You Had It With Opportunities That Don’t Work?

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    These owners of the programs above know this system works but for them not you. Many people that join are so confused and just do the freebies part of things and are so focused on that, they are completely unaware that they’re being groomed for a Multi level marketing pyramid scheme.

    By the time you figure out this is not for you, you’re already out of money and some will then defend their purchase or not talk about it rather than say they got scammed.

    Now like I have said in previous reviews, my cash freebies does work as I have tried it and made sales, but with that being said those sales where just about as hard to get as if I was selling my own product.

    You have to lie to people and say it’s 100% free, which I think about 1 in every 100 or 1000 is able to do it completely for free. The only full credit offer that is free, is signing up for a discover card but the catch is you also have to never have signed up before and also have to get approved.

    I ended up spending $40 when It was all said and done. I ended getting women’s vitamins, hunting knife, credit report and some trial of some cheap deals websites service that charged me before I could cancel.

    Where Automated Wealth Network Starts Feeling Like A Scam



    Automated Wealth Network

    If someone would have told me I would have to spend $40 dollars to get that training I would have passed.

    In the beginning I was thinking it seemed realistic. Now in hindsight when I look at it more and more I realize it is nothing more than a very cleverly devised trap to push you into the world of MLM.

    You start off paying money just to get qualified to sell and promote the freebies offers, that right there was a huge red flag. 

    So after you get a credit/debit card (which by the way many people will not go through the B.S required to get qualified for their credit) that’s not temporary and your computer IP was never used to sign up for this before, you can now start promoting.

    If you’re buying something upfront, it’s an MLM and you should run the other way. They know that most people avoid MLMs like the plaque but those huge money claims and the lifestyle pictures all make you want to figure out for yourself if it’s fake. 

    The problem with these programs is they slowly manipulate you and focus on your wanting to avoid pain and have a easy route you can take to also make riches. All you have to do is con a bunch of people into believing the same thing as you.

    This is very hard to continue to act like you love your life when really your just a scared follower ready to pay any amount of money in order to get a head of all the other followers, trying to do the same thing.

    They want some people to succeed cause it is like gambling, they like to have a jackpot every once in a while so everybody sees it. The casinos know it will make people dump money in the slots like it’s their last day on earth in hopes of a big win.

    arrowRightBig Have You Had It With Opportunities That Don’t Work?

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    The same thing works online when people see income proof, houses and easy lifestyle claims. You know what they always say “the house always wins.” In this case the owners of Automated Wealth Network win.

    The reason I use the gambling analogy is that this course takes you from just wanting to put in a nickel to see if you’re lucky, to draining your bank account and putting in all your money in hopes that you will get lucky and be the person that hits it big.

    This is a false dream that they understand works. If you have just a tiny little belief that things might work, you would keep listening and put money in until you lost it all or hit the goal you thought you could achieve.

    Most of the time people lose all the money they set out to use for a online business. Then have nothing to show for it but a shell of a real business that talks people into doing the same thing that you no know is a sham and promote it to others. Then if you don’t put in years of clawing your way to the top you will just give up and have the owner then keep all your referrals and commissions for the MLM side of things.

    Automated Wealth Network Has Red Flags Everywhere 


    automated_wealth_network_email_of_stuff_you_get_for_freeJust the word “Automated” should alert your scam radar.

    There is no real automated work from home system, all of them sound great to newbies but when you have been in the game for a little while you just smell a scam.

    In the beginning Tim Chesonis talks about how him and his partner in crime Michael Cocan. They found a step by step systematic way of creating online revenue without spending a dime.  

    Right there you can realize this is going to be more hype than a real product or service. Nothing is 100% free and usually will lead to spending money and this is no different.

    Online businesses such as AWN are not doing “Pro Bono work” they’re just getting you stuck like a fly in a spider web. Once you get in you have to pay to really succeed with their business model or you will eventually fail.

    Promoting My cash freebies is so saturated that by the time you try to rank for something, thousands of others from Zip Nadda Ziltch, Instant Payday Network, Online Profits For Newbies or AWN are all gunning for the same position.

    This causes you to literally be promoting 24/7 and once you stop so does your commission. Go ahead and check out You Tube And Type in any of the names of the above networks and see how many people are there, an that is just for the name of the program.



    Imagine trying to rank in a sea of others promoting the same exact thing with the same system and emails.



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    This is not building a real sustainable business with residual income and many find that out and quit. This is a get out there every day and make a video whether you like it or not or you wont make money type program.

    Once an account is inactive they essentially take your leads you built up in their system from all those videos you worked hard to put up.  If you quit or don’t transfer them to your own autoresponder they keep the leads and market MLM empower Network to them looking like you are offering it.

    You spend money and time building a list that the owners of these freebie referral teaching sites can then take over and market to makes them tons of money.

    No one knows really whats going on until its too late and by the time you realize it your just too exhausted to complain and just try to find another opportunity.  After dong these programs you will feel that you just worked a lot and barley got your payback and you made the owners richer.


    Automated Wealth Network Works With Fortune 500 Companies Sounds Fancy


    So once you provide your name and email, you are taken automatically to an auto playing video that is at least triple the length of the other video, where Tim uses his mentoring from Russell Brunson and really tries to make this same old thing look really neat.

    He explains how he will train you without you having to join a MLM company, Network marketing or bugging your friends and family.  Tim explains that fortune 500 companies use ad networks to get more customers to do trials of products.

    This is where most get sold on the idea, I mean promoting a fortune 500 companies free offers and then they pay, that sounds pretty cool.

    If you get some referrals it sounds like and win win right?

    Well the hard part they don’t like to mention is getting people that are qualified that have money and that has never done any of the offers before. Now with as much as this offer has been over marketed to people with many different labels and names, it is just over saturated and is a constant struggle. 

    Instead of finding a “good sub niche” you are forced into a cesspool of many other people trying to also promote this “100% Totally free offer.”

    Tim then explains that he will show you how to make $30 commission every time for getting people to try out free offers. They make this look and feel like affiliate marketing but you have already purchased something which is really a test to see if your a buyer and it’s also a red flag that it’s a pyramid.

    Tim then explains that these offers have to be in “my cash freebies” and you have to do all of this hoop jumping cause it’s he states that it’s really hard to apply and get accepted by an ad network which he refers to as “marketing agencies.”

    The fact of the matter is doing all the things AWN does but doing it for yourself,  is not hard. This is just one of those situations that if you don’t know anything about online marketing, it can seem really hard at first.

    To make it easier consider this for a second, try signing up for Click bank, Commission Junction, Amazon and try to see how much if these big companies charge you to join. Well if you don’t want to do that I will just tell you, they are free.

    Automated Wealth Network Is Supposedly Incentive Marketing Sounds Even Fancier


    This is what he and all the others like to call “Incentive marketing” where you just bug the hell out of everyone not just friends and family. Now when you start doing this you will get a couple lucky sales and that will get you motivated but you will soon find out that incentive marketing means everybody doesn’t want to hear what your taking about.

    If you do not believe me just type in online profit for newbies, Instant payday network, Zipp Nadda Ziltch and AWN and see how it is the exact same program just with a face lift.

    If you want to know the real low down on how this is just another copy cat system, you can read my other articles about Instant Payday Network here. It is kinda like Monsanto painting there building and making a new logo they may look nicer it’s seems legal but they’re still a horrible company.

    So when it comes down to it this program is preying on people who are new to making money online as they are the only ones who will believe this.

    Now there is nothing wrong with being a newbie, it is just you have to watch out everywhere you look. All of the make quick money for free programs usually have huge caveats that you are unaware of until you try them out and see for yourself.

    If you’re new to marketing they are way better ways to get started than through AWN.

    arrowRightBig Have You Had It With Opportunities That Don’t Work?

    Were You Looking To Start A Business Online?
       Do You Want To Get Away From Schemes That Don’t Work, Where You Have Real Chance At Success On Your Own Terms?

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    So after thoroughly scaring you about how hard it is to start a business online and how many problems you will have and how much Tim had personally spent, your primed and ready to hear the 5 steps to AWN’s Incentive Marketing.

    Automated Wealth Network Online Sales Funnel

    This is a video covering your basic online funnel, he does a pretty good job explaining a few good tactics for generating traffic and building a website. He claims that it would cost you over $500 dollars to obtain the tools necessary to set up a true “incentive” website to capture leads and convert.  He then reveals that you are not going to pay $500 nor $400 not even $7 dollars but for 100% free. Your thinking in your head holy S#*! that’s so much value for free, I have to take advantage of it or else I would be stupid.

    Well Then What’s The Catch With Automated Wealth Network.


    You probably have already guessed it, if you have not it’s the up sells. The first is like I explained above that you will need to go to My Cash Freebies and go through it’s many offers and get 1 full credit before you can promote this supposed opportunity which usually means trying out for four or five offers just to qualify. Then not only do you have to qualify but you need to make sure you cancel in the time frame window they say. Returning it too early can get no credit,  too late and you lose your money and return.

    So if you don’t cancel in time plan on paying $60-$70 instead of $20- $40 it just depends on which offer you get wrapped up in. All of these products are just regular products with extreme high monthly memberships and tricky ways to keep your money.

    So you may be thinking you know you have to jump through some hoops and send people to some freebie offers whats the big deal in that? Well there free offers are usually not free and have lots of stipulations unless you just pay money. Some can be memberships for half a month and others are monthly, so you really just have to read the fine print. If you want the ones that give you the credits quickly, you need to pay. So the free talk is really just to get you to the page where they can say technically it’s free when really it’s not, Just like this program can be seen as technically legit when really it’s a scam.

    So with the Automated Wealth Network course they offer you something called Power Lead System or PLS that offers you some tools such as:

    • Squeeze Page Creator (easy to do)
    • Auto Responder (they own your customers)
    • Pop up message plugin (very easy to add plugin that does this)
    • Google hangout generator (this is easy and free)
    • Sales Funnel generator (but is just an up sell for another product)

    arrowRightBig Have You Had It With Opportunities That Don’t Work?

    Were You Looking To Start A Business Online?
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    All of the tools above look nice but they are really there just to make it so you can get more and more leads so the owner can cash in on more and more failed accounts and take them over to getting more and more people to automatically market their MLM links to. So in theory they are training you to build list for them to market their MLM opportunities to.

    Also in the beginning you were supposed to get all these tools for free in a package deal, then he tries to sneak in a sale.

    Now you may also be thinking…

    “Well he offers a lot for free he not such a bad guy.”

    Well a lot of what he is offering sounds better than it is and is mainly filler. First you can build free lead capture pages in the beginning that are just the same as the free ones you could build with good WordPress plugin. If you want a free autoresponder you can find a few that basically do the same as theirs. All free autoresponders will use your list that you build to advertise their offer but at least the autoresponder companies only advertise their services. With AWN they advertise something that is in direct competition with what your trying to do. Also the autoresponder you do not own and can only do a limited amount of things to it and remember they automatically put a MLM referral link on there that goes out to all the people you get but if you don’t change it they will get commission off of your list of people.

    When you start having to purchase something under a referral so that you are qualified to sell, it’s a MLM no matter how many fancy names you give it. Tim initially pulls you in claiming this is not a MLM just like Instant payday network does but slowly entices you until you get in too deep until and decide you have to either quit or join an MLM to make real money later on.


    In Conclusion Is Automated Wealth Network A Scam?


    So this network for one is the same old thing repackaged as a shiny new opportunity. This program is like teaching people something as old and simple as selling there goods and services on Ebay but then just making a fancy package and calling it automated auction assault.

    Just like all the other programs before Automated Wealth network such as Zip Nadda Ziltch, Instant Payday Network, Online Profits For Newbies are all doing the same thing (and this is just to name a few).

    If the opportunities that your promoting consists of mostly free credit card offers, cheap hunting knifes and multivitamins then most of the people you recruit will have to come from your immediate friends and family to then show people proof that it works.

    Now you can get it to work just like any other MLM scheme but you are not building a sustainable business your mainly just building leads for the owner when you inevitable quit.

    arrowRightBig Have You Had It With Opportunities That Don’t Work?

    Were You Looking To Start A Business Online?
       Do You Want To Get Away From Schemes That Don’t Work, Where You Have Real Chance At Success On Your Own Terms?

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    Also unless you buy into their MLM program later all the leads that you do get from your efforts get marketed to with the owners links that automatically get put in and sent out to your list. So basically you either buy into the MLM part of the program or you allow the owner to market his links to your list the your build either way it’s a win, win for the owner and lose, lose for you.

    While this is not really a scam as you can make it work but it is not realistic and like all pyramids only the people at the top are making the money. So unless you want to create your own ad pyramid network and promote the same thing and sell the free incentive marketing dream to others to get followers and then market your MLM scheme to all the subscribers then this is not a good opportunity.

    The main thing is how it starts as a “totally free business” but everybody then realizes the time it takes to make money for the hours spent and realizes its a terrible opportunity. Then you will get hit with numerous up-sells and Pyramid scheme selling structure that make this program a huge carrot that they dangle to get you to basically start in the world of selling a dream that you don’t have yourself.

    If your looking for something to make money from you should not have to buy a product first to promote it. If that is the only barrier of entry instead of skill and technique then everybody and mama can and will do it and then everybody is selling the same things to the same people and it’s a game of who’s there first and it’s not a fun game.


    So If Automated Wealth Network Doesn’t  Work To Make Real Money What Other Options Do You Have?


    Well if you’re looking to get away from all the scams and MLM’s like Automated Wealth Network and start your own website that you control look no further. 

    You can now get all the training, tools and hosting necessary to be able to build a brand online realistically. Make sustainable residual commissions for years to come. Consider building your own sub niche or review site with the proper guidance, training and resources all in one place.


    Get the training to learn how to start a website in any niche or market you choose. There is not only one product to fight over and promote anymore. If you’re serious and looking to make full-time income this is somthing that will help you tremedously.  

    If you would like an all in one platform to host, research, build and market your online business, that can also fill in the gaps and take you from point A To Point B then you’re going to really like my #1 most recommended program HERE. When you click the link be sure to set up your profile and give this a real chance, it’s free to try and you can stay a free member as long as you like, no forced continuity.


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