About Me

About Me and My Make Money Online Scams Exposed Blog

You can think of me…

…as your personal adviser through the confusing world of online marketing.

I will wade through all the “make money online scams” and expose them in plain English, so you don’t have to.This will allow you to easily make an educated decision and build a realistic and solid foundation. 

Why would you want to listen to me, well I’m a person who has been in the trenches and has learned some valuable lessons, you could only learn from failure.

I am a true everyday average Joe that made this work, not some hidden genius that forgets to mention that I’m also an M.I.T. graduate.

 I also am not someone who had a good paying job that had the money to throw at people to outsource and be personally mentored and learn quickly.

I also have never been trained in any type of school environment about computers or marketing and then decided to pursue my dream in the internet biz.


Like I Say I Was Just Armed With A High School Diploma And A Smile.

Not only did I just have a high school diploma but I didn’t even learn when I did go to school.

I loved to screw around a lot in High School… Things have not changed much but this is why, “the online life” was the only one for me.

Learning was secondary to making jokes and hanging out and going to parties.

Well needless to say I had a rough journey up to this point. 

Why Am I Telling You About My Lack Of Skills?

Well I wanted to let you know that I have made money here and there for myself, online since about 2009 and started my journey with absolutely no experience in computers whatsoever in 2000.

I struggled, stumbled and failed a lot in my quest. It wasn’t until 2015 that I found something that turned all this around. This put everything together and allowed me to earn consistently.

This is why…. you DON’T want to waste tons of time like I did, trying to figure it out yourself.

I wished I had just built the proper foundation and had the proper guidance like I learned All in One Place HERE… as I would have succeeded years ago. 

My Wife And I On Vacation In Vegas

My Wife And I On Vacation In Vegas

I want you to know that I’m obviously not some big guru, but I understand how those gurus/marketers work from years of getting the wool pulled over my eyes.

This blog now allows me to expose companies and products from the consumers prospective.

If you’re trying to make money online and are struggling, it’s usually due to being pointed in the wrong direction with misinformation.

I know where you’re at, and how you feel and I want to help. You Can Lean How To Get Started Here. 

You can think of this blog as your personal scam informant, in the esoteric world of all the “make money online scams.”

 I plan to do my best to expose all the push button and over hyped courses. 

You know,

the courses that will give you… Just Enough Rope To Hang Yourself.

Then leave you inundated with so much info you’re even more confused.

How Participating In The Wrong Online Learning Programs Can Leave You Paralyzed And Hog Tied

So overall I have been thinking and dreaming about this for almost 10 years, but along the way, I went after all the wrong courses. 

Instead of the courses really training me, they sold me on the tiny possibility that I could have push button success without learning a ton of info.

Needless to say all those programs either are gone but one thing is for sure, they’re just there to make the producer and NOT the consumer money.

Not to mention a lot of these courses to get the real training, can cost thousands for the back-end training courses and still leave you high and dry. 

I have spent many years at this with no help and that was my main problem. You may feel like you have a good understanding of making money online but then you see later that you have so much to learn, in so many places.

When your working for yourself you need to have the right mentality and learn things such as better money habits and to not have a fear of failure.

You also need an action plan that can guide you and keep you from giving up. A proper plan can get you straight to your destination and not taking tons of pit stops and confusing detours when trying to do it yourself.

You Need The Proper Insight On Which Techniques Are Realistic And Which Ones Are Scams


Through all of this, I wanted to give up more times than I can count on my hands and toes… but I had a dream that it was possible to make a full-time living online.

This is when I discovered that getting the correct help is so crucial in your journey.

Starting a program that leaves you with nothing to show for it make people give up before they start next time.

This is what happens to almost 90% of people who try to make money online.

Not to mention when your family and friends think your crazy for trying to make money online, it can be even harder to believe it’s even possible.

It feels like you would get less flack, if you said your going to be a rock star, astronaut or a princess.

The point that finally made me believe I could do this, is when I got the proper training and learned the right information. 

To find the right information took me years of research. 

It’s hard to find the right person in the beginning as a lot of times these scams work…

because many do not know what to look for.

I finally figured out what to look for and I found it. 

You can save yourself years of confusion and wasted time but only if you believe me.

I know you have probably heard that a lot but hopefully this time can change all that.

Stuck In A situation Where “You Don’t Know, What You Don’t Know….

If you decide to try to do it on your own you can get trapped in a web of scam-ish like products, one right after the other.

They will tell you to pay more money in order for you to get any further. 

Then these programs/companies know that you will be stuck,  because you’re in too deep. 

Then once you have spent a lot of money already, you feel the need to get more information to fill in the gaps…

Then keep spending more money with upsells.

 Just to get a better “one time offer” or “coaching program” that you feel will finally give you all the answers and the results that they claim.

After all of this, you would think I could put all this info together and make some serious money right?


Actually I was more confused than ever. 

I would try to go over the massive amounts of notes, 

going back and forth from people telling you one thing and others telling you another.

Who do you listen to?

Then there comes a point where people will simply just give you too much information. 

You will have a hard time as a beginner trying to put it all together and actually executing on the tasks and taking action.

Not to mention a lot of scam products will actually just give you loads of outdated rehashed information or non executable plans that inundate you with useless schemes that no longer works.

Then if you don’t get through it and figure it out in time you can’t refund it.

Then the company will make you feel like it’s your fault and you didn’t do something right or didn’t work hard enough. 

Well I finally found the correct information after years of falling for the make money online quick products, I then felt like I was transformed over night, as I was able to fill the gaps and learn what I was missing… Man o man was it simple.

I started to realize that I was the one getting in “my own way!”

When I learned the process after all these years of struggling I finally started making real progress. Just imagine if you just follow what I’m doing now, you could save yourself 5-10 years of headaches and learning.

What’s The Problem Why Isn’t Everybody Doing This

The hard part about learning Internet marketing is you have heard all this before.

You have probably heard very beautiful words and exciting ideas…

After you have been screwed blued and tattooed…

Then you often become jaded and think that this wont work also.

You may also think that this is just another MLM/network marketing scam or there is some kinda catch.

Well being skeptical is good but to make money sometimes you have to know when to pull the trigger when you see a good opportunity. 

I was so skeptical, as I thought everything was a scam after trying year after year.

I would almost give up right from the start… Then find something new to try before I got good at the thing I was already doing.

I felt later on that I was sabotaging myself going through product after product and new courses, webinars and training’s.

You can follow what I have done to start making money online sooner than you could ever imagine.

Or you can take a long time trying way to many things… only to have wasted a whole bunch of time on unfocused things. 

 This is possibly quit your job in a less than a year or two type thing. 

The hard part is to first find the right course and not think there’s better opportunities that will get you there faster.

You want to find something to give you a solid foundation and not go from one shiny thing to the next.

Online businesses takes real work and time and they don’t get built overnight or even in the first few months.

So when you see the story of “lil Timmy the computer prodigy whiz kid” that made a million dollars in his mom’s basement with only one arm, you start to realize that is usually not the case. No course is going to get that for you.

They were just genius kids that got lucky and didn’t see the light of day for years while doing it.  Many people are not doing this. 

We just see stuff on the news or images and stories to inspire us but we end up thinking that everybody is succeeding but us, also at a faster rate.

This can cause you to jump from program to program if something is not working good enough or fast enough. This is why hype still sells as peoples greed gets in the way of good judgement sometimes. 

With the proper training you could spend a year or less and get to where you want or do like me and spend 10 years struggling, confused, broke and depressed.

I was lucky that I started early and did not quit but I took a lot of breaks and had a lot of good cries… 🙂

All those breaks also postponed my success big time!

Once I harnessed the right info and took action to execute the work, I was able to finally achieve my goal of working online full-time.

This only took me about a half a year and it was because I was following a tested method for success and boy did things change after I started following that.

Fast Forward To The Present Day, I Have Learned A Thing Or Two.


I have experienced so much with the crazy online world. I have now figured out that you need to always stay flexible with your approach to anything new or old. Never think you know it all or you will be in for a long hard journey, like I had for years.

Things are always changing online so embrace change, as a lot of times its for the better.

Now I spend a lot of time doing what I really want to do and traveling and hanging with my friends and family.

I still work hard but Its on my terms and I have a life that I can enjoy with no boss, which is a huge deal. 

Staying at home, waking when I want, being able to afford the finer things that life has to offer is now my lifestyle.

I’m playing a lot more with my dogs… actually picking up the guitar (self-taught and still suck) cruising around on my long board in the summer and snowboarding in the winter. I now just have the feeling of freedom and security.

This is all while I steadily move forward towards complete financial freedom with millions of dollars of course :). 

Now I want to show you what changed my life and how you can do the same.

Don’t make the same mistake I did and look over this info and think there is a better program or information out there that’s faster or easier.

If you find one let me know as it must be amazing as I personally in 10 years have not seen anything like the program I am about to show you.

If you want to learn more about it click here to discover the best online learning course/university

that no college will teach and if they did it would be far more expensive.

DISCLAIMER: This program that I recommend is NOT a “fast push button riches course” or “MLM pyramid recruiting site. 

I don’t like to over hype this as I would rather you go take a look for yourself and see if it would be a good fit.

Click Here To Gain Free Membership and Access 
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See For Yourself. 


I’m excited to get you started and to hear your Journey… and your success story soon.

Drop me a comment below. 

I want you to feel free to contact me at anytime.

Please leave your opinions and thoughts in the comment section.