Avoid Make Money Online Scams And The Modern Day Snake Oil Salesmen

Make money online scams are everywhere… make_money_online_scams_woman_on_phone_getting_scammed

There are no signs of them ending any time soon!

When there is a legitimate program, there is always going to be twice as many scams.

The problem is that scammers are getting better and better at being able to sneak under most people’s radar without them knowing. Especially the beginners.

When you deal with anything that you’re paying money for, you should always make sure that it doesn’t have the signs of many Making Money Online Scams that are out there.

You will have to arm yourself with the knowledge of what signs, signals and red flags to look out for… Knowing that the scams probably will never completely end. 

What Are The Signs Of Make Money Online Scams?


So…You may be searching for

“how to make money online without the scams”

Then found that it can be very difficult to find.

Even when you do find a legitamite program you could be so jaded from getting scammed that you won’t even believe it sometimes. Even when a real program that can help, comes along you may just pass, as you’re still licking your wounds from the last scam. 

A scam will typically… 

Over promise (about how much they will help you


Massively underdelivers (what they actually do for you).

Some programs walk right on the line of being a scam and being legitimate.

Things like Network marketing/MLM’s are not completely scams but they really set you up for failure.

Most of them are more like gambling than a business opportunity as they promise.

There is a link further down this article, that explains what network marketing is, if you’re not familiar with the MLM’s industry or Network Marketing in general. 

It is not a good business but really a pyramid in a beautiful disguise. 

Make money online scams come in all different shapes and sizes, they can be scams with

  • Binary Options software
  • MLM’s
  • Survey scams
  • Sports betting websites
  • Educational scams.  

The best thing I could think of is to make a resource that you could use to scrutinize scammy looking offers online.  As I will not be able to put every link to every scam in this article, so it’s best to really know what to look for. 

If you know what to look for, it’ very hard to ever get scammed again!

Scams will not go away so you need to simply understand what to look for.

Good Rule Of Thumb:

You often will watch actions of people you meet a person face to face. You focus on what they do more than what they say, to really judge them accurately.

Well, the problem is… you can’t do this with people and businesses that you come across online.

The opposite sometimes is true for spotting an online scam

Online anyone can make themselves look like anything.

make_money_online_scams_scam_site_exampleYou don’t want to watch what they do but rather on what they say

So when looking for scams online you have to go back to really scrutinizing the claims that they make.


You just don’t believe what they say.

If someone is never talking about the method or product they’re selling


Always talking about earning claims, hype,  lifestyle and dreams…

Then this is one indicator you could use to spot out 80% of the making money online scams out there.

For example: Typically if a supposed owner (Paid actor) in the sales video throwing out wild claims of making millions in just a few days, weeks, months chances are that it’s fake. 

While there are ways to make a million in a year, someone that’s never seen or meet you can not promise you that… So people who do claim easy riches with no experience necessary and saying basically anything imaginable are scammers in one way or another.  

They know that people want:make_money_online_scams_scam_site_example1

  • money
  • fame
  • power
  • respect

They want it so bad that if a scammer can implant just a tiny belief that their program could be true, it sells the desperate beginners.  

If someone has a tiny belief that a person could get them to where they want to go, people will be compelled to at least go and check it out.

Typically they check this out when no one is around.

This is when your mind can start playing tricks on you.  This is how many scams typically hook you!

They use hype & lies and anything else to get you to take that next step. They even use the parents and friends wont believe you so don’t tell them. They want you to make a desperate decision without thinking.

Your wanting to look closer at what they’re saying, instead of their actions… If they’re just showing you cars and houses chances are they’re not telling you much about what you will be actually doing.

This is similar to the saying life doesn’t get easier you get better…The same applies with scams they don’t go away, so you understand what to look for.

I just wanted to cover the basics of what you need,  to create the first barrier of protection from scams

6 Quick Things To Look Out For Overall When Online

  • Use Caution When Doing Any Purchases By Smart Phone

Mobile shopping can be more convenient for some but phones often lack protection often times. Consider not purchasing or entering payment info using a phone and if you really have to try using the big retailers apps that typically come with added security.

  • Never Give Out Social Security To Anyone Your Making A Purchase From

No one will ask for social security unless your signing up for credit, so if someone asks for your social when buying a product or service, never give it to them as that is unnecessary. 

  • Make Sure To Use Good Unique Passwords And All Are different

Make sure your not using the same login and password for everything, as people can cross hack other accounts using that same info and break in to your accounts. You can use the same password for basic things but for important payment info make sure to use a strong unique password.

  • Look For Insane Promises 

If you see promises that seem a little too good to be true they usually are. If someone is claiming to make thousands in a few days or millions your first year, typically they’re just trying to say anything to hook you and will greatly under deliver if they do anything at all, after getting your money.

  • The More Popups and Exit Pops The More It May Be A Scam

If a website has really poor design or incomplete or has too many pop ups and exit pop ups when you try to leave chances are it is a borderline scam or full-fledged scam. Not all sites with exit pop ups are bad but this is just one red flag to look out for. 

  • Watch Out For Holiday E-cards or Random Things Sent By Strangers

You need to make sure if you get a E-card that you know who it’s from. Holiday E-cards can direct people to click on embedded links that send them to scam sites. 

 Why You Want To Educate Yourself About Make Money Online Scams?


You want to educate yourself on all the scam types as the more you know about scams the less the scammers are able to grab a hold of you. 

Below I have compiled a list which is a quick rundown of the

7 of the more popular scams that you need to watch out for


#1 Phishing and Identity Theft: It seemed like 2015 was the record year for identity theft. The black-market price for credit card details has fallen to around only 15 cents and not costing a few dollars like they used to cost, meaning that the black market seems to have more stolen information than ever, and prices are dropping. 

#2 Hit And Run: These are scams that involve instant payment. They typically say that it’s for unpaid bills or fines for not showing up for jury duty or paying utility bill.  

#3 Lottery And Sweepstakes and Clearing Houses: These scams seem to not slow down and just get worse. There has been a few that have been caught but it’s actually more likely they will get away with it, so you need to watch out for them. These typically try to target seniors and most of the scams come from Canada, Caribbean and Jamaica.

#4 Binary Options Trading Software: Free Binary trading bot software that will make you millions in months and you just set it and forget it is a scam that is in no shortage and seems to be working very well for the scammers involved. This scam involves an unregulated fake broker that steals deposits and pays unscrupulous website owners to promote this scam giving away a fake binary options trading software bot that is supposed to make you thousands daily without even thinking about it.

When you use Binary trading software like from websites such as…

You need to make a minimum deposit of $250 dollars to an unregulated broker such as Binary Book to even get the free software to work.

#5 MLM/Network Marketing Scam: This one I get the most flack about as many claim that it’s not a scam. It teeters right on the border of a scam.

MLM’s have been found to make only the top 0.1% good money and the rest are mainly just there to pay money every month. The majority of many MLM’s sales come from the distributors buying in products and not consumers.

This makes the distributors also the customers and that makes for a lot of people barely making money, breaking even or losing money every month.

Examples of MLM Network Marketing Companies Scams:

You can find a list of MLM scams and more examples of why MLM’s are a scam  By CLICKING HERE and learning more about MLM/Network Marketing. 

Below Are Some Things To Look For When Deciding To Try To Make Money Online

The above scams are just flat-out scams that just flat-out try to take your money, but they’re others that are much more sneaky. The scams below are ones that many get sold on the hype and dreams and get scammed after being lied to. 

So before going to a site that has bold claims of making money, below are a few things to look for before pulling the trigger. 

So if you find yourself on a questionable website and you’re not sure if it’s a scam, Below are some indicators that it could be a scam…

#1 Psychological Magic – “all sizzle no steak.”

Well it couldn’t be any more true with scams, when you see a person talking aboutmake_money_online_scams_belief

  • helicopters,
  • jets,
  • fast cars
  • big houses

typically they’re trying to use the old magicians trick and redirect your focus.

They want you to forget about the work involved and the quality & content of their program they’re selling.

Then shift your focus to positive thinking about that dream life that you see in the video!

For Example: Imagine, if I had a video about floating in space, talking about Mars and Earth 2.0 and just getting you to focus on how much fun it is, how many friends you will have afterwards and how I’m the first person to ever take someone with me….

because I’m super close friends with Elon Musk I have been able to lock in an unbelievibly low price of just $200 dollars but you must act now, seats are limited on my rocket…

once you give me money, I just ignore you completely or tell you that

“your all set and all you need to do now is just get accepted and go through NASA training.”

My point, although terrible, illustrates how scammers sell their business or products… typically leaving out a huge part of the course.

It’s the old trick of getting you to focus on the shiny things and wanting you to forget about all that technical stuff and just pull the trigger.

As long as a buyer has a tiny belief that something might be true, you can’t help but want to see what happens.

Then they can make you feel like it will work itself out, as long as you believe, then you can do it.

The problem is many are too busy or tried to do further research and that scam site can hook a lot of people using hype and telling you exactly what you want to hear. 

#2 Upsell Or Die- Upsell OTO Abuse

Programs that are borderline scams tend to abuse upsells.

They make you feel like it will almost not even work if you don’t get the up-sells. Or they’re aggressive with sales or contacting you and trying to hard sell or close you.  

There’s really nothing necessarily wrong with upsells, as it’s normal for a business to want to sell you on related things. Selling you related products that can help or contacting you with messages if your signed up to their email list is not what I’m talking about.

This is when a marketer just makes you confused but the upsell is done for you and the course before they claimed had everything you needed and then later you realize it has nothing. 

The abuse of upsells is just one more indicator to look out for, businesses can have upsells just not tons of them as that is a red flag.  


#3 Loads Of Exit Popups – Way Too Many

If you see the abuse of pop ups and exit pop ups you could be dealing with a make money online scam. In my opinion the stronger the exit pop up on a website typically means the more it’s looked at as a scam.

Again this is not a for sure sign of a scam, a clean site that has an exit pop asking if you want to sign up for a free product and get on a mailing list is not abuse. Abuse is constantly having a pop up after you have exited out of one already and then when you leave it says WAIT! again and gets stuck. 

#4 No Real Concrete Info On What Your Doing – Leave you in the Dark

Never join programs that don’t really tell you what you’re doing when you sign up. If the video and all the pictures are of nice cars an houses making you believe that you can make easy money.make_money_online_scams_trap

They just keep trying to get you to believe you can have what they have if you just follow what they’re saying.

They’re just trying to say anything just to get you to take the bait.

A real program is going to concentrate on what you need to do to execute a task, plain and simple.

If someone is giving you good information on something they really don’t need to show you haw neat their house is in the background. 


#5 Auto Play Video With No Rewind Or Fast Forward: – Questionable Tactic

This is another one that does not always mean it’s a scam… but when you find yourself on a website and you already have that gut feeling it’s a scam this could be just another good indicator.

The use of forced autoplay video that starts with rags to riches and promises big money.  Then it doesn’t allow you to fast forward or rewind.  This is not always the case but is just another indicator. This can show that the site and the legitimacy of the product they’re selling is questionable.  

#6  Claims It’s Totally Free But Then You See That It Costs Money: Seems Free… Until The End

It is likely it’s a scam if it seems free all the way to the end, then suddenly you have to pay something to make it work.

You will  typically need to enter your credit card to sign up for trial offers just to be qualified to get paid.

#7 No Experience Necessary But Really Need Experience: Leave Out The Big How 

This can make you feel dumb and think that it’s your fault.   many courses or programs like to make you believe that you couldn’t figure it out and unless you already know your good at something, you wouldn’t know if the course didn’t teach you.

 They leave out big things that are needed to succeed at any normal level. Also they’re not clear at first glance until after you have already tried the course for a few months. Then you’re in too deep. 

They will make tons of claims in the beginning saying things like: 

  1. “You don’t have to know anything except how to turn on your computer”
  2. “You Just need an internet connection and the work is basically done for you”
  3. “You can even do this without a computer”
  4. “We give you a web page and you do nothing but walk to your mailbox and cash the huge checks”
  5. “there is no work required set it and forget it makes money while you sleep”

All the types of sayings above are examples of how scam sites will tell you loads of things like that before you buy.

then afterwards…

…you’re hit with a reality check as it does take some knowledge…. some training…. and a computer.

but really

you have to put in some serious time and effort.  

The problem is telling people the truth is a lot harder work than just telling them what they want to hear.

Sadly enough we do this everyday of our lives.

That’s why nefarious marketers are capitalizing on this warped fantasy people have.

This is why saying what people want to hear and not the truth, still works to this day at selling people scams.

Just think when you go to someones house for dinner, even if you thought it was terrible… would you really want to go and tell them?


would you just most likely tell them what they want to hear.  

So when someone tells you the real work and dedication it will take to make something happen it does not sell nearly as well as saying sign up with no money and have 1k in your bank by next week, I guarantee it or I will give you your money back.

This is what you want to hear…But it’s not actually what it’s going to do 

As these scammers feel that it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission.

#7 Poor Support Or No Support:

If you are on a site that you’re not sure is a scam, try asking questions to see how easy it is to find the contact info.

See who answers it and how fast. Now this is not a for sure indicator in the beginning as scams will answer your questions when you ask in the upfront sometimes. Then once they have your money they will just not answer back. 

Does the owner himself answer your questions or is it an outsourced customer service.


There’s Binary Options scams that make it look like they have very good customer service but those customer service guys are really jut crafty con artists that separate you from your money. Then make it really difficult or impossible to get it back.  

Once you get a hold of the support make sure to ask some questions just to see how they respond.


  • How will you get money
  • What restrictions and hidden rules
  • Refund policy and any stipulations or is it no hassle no questions asked money back


#8 Fake looking testimonials:

If there is a bunch of cheery stock photo model looking six figure and million dollar earners prominently displayed for you to see is another indicator of a scam.

This is to give you the same feeling as when you see lottery winners. You think if it happened to them, it could happen to you.

this is why they show you pictures or videos explaining how they made loads of cash in 60 days thanks to a certain program. 

Never Fall For Make Money Online Scams Again By Knowing What To look For


9 Things To Help safeguard You From Make Money Online Scams 

If you’re looking to keep yourself from joining another scam, then you can try a few simple things to protect yourself from making any more bad decisions.  Making the right decisions simply comes from making the wrong decisions and learning from them.

#1 Say It Out Loud To A Friend Or Blunt Family Member – 

Try repeating the opportunity to yourself out loud imagine saying to a friend or actually say it to a friend.

If you say the opportunity out loud (without all the glitz and glamour and video selling you on it) to another person it starts to sound really ridiculous. Unless it’s a good solid program with a real system that’s workable. 

#2 Don’t Pull The Trigger By Yourself:

Make sure you don’t make the decision by yourself if your unsure. Having others around you looking at the same thing can help put things into perspective and help you make a rational decision.

Get the most trusted person and not just some person who is just skeptical about everything but not the super positive about everything friend. 

#3 The First 48: 

Before purchasing anything that you’re not very confident it’s not a scam give it a couple of days. If you really feel like you will need it then just wait 48 hours and think about it.

Just research the program and copy the name into google and search forums and see what others have said. look for negative reviews with valid points beyond people just saying  “the course is stupid and doesn’t teach anything” or general statements that typically carry no validity.

If you see trends of more than two or three of the same complaint it’s usually true.

After waiting just 48 hours, will make a huge difference as you really decide if you need something or just want something.  

#4 Ask yourself Does What They Claim Seem Realistic:

Say the offer in your head and what they claim you will make. Then just ask yourself, does that sound possible and realistic or does it sound like someone is just making it up to sell people. 

#5 Are You Able To Easily See The Light:  

What does the program do exactly to enable you to generate the money? Can you wrap your head completely around it or do you feel like your missing some pieces to the puzzle to make it work?

#6 What’s In It For You: 

Besides the fancy house and the cars that they subconsciously promise, what benefits, things or skills will you learn for the money you invest?

You need to focus on what main things you will be taking away from the course or the course will be taking away your money.

If the course gives you a solid education on (such as affiliate marketing ) then what you pay for it is worth it.If it teaches you to make more money down the road.

When It’s teaches nothing but promises everything you have a scam on your hands.

#7 If You’re In A Hole Stop Digging: 

If you are already in a program “you gotta to know when to hold-em and know when to fold-em.”

Are the benefits you receive, for the money you spend on the program really worth it?

Ask yourself after all the hours and time spent doing the program are the benefits better than before? Then if it’s a better situation than when you started, then you’re in a good program.

You need to cut bait and reel it in and try something else if you’re still confused stuck in a hole and people are claiming you need to get more upsells or try harder to make it work. (This is tough as sometimes people are not trying hard enough but use your gut)

Don’t get stuck defending your purchases or ego… remember that when it’s all said and done it’s not worth it to defend something that is not working  and getting results.

So unless you can honestly look at the opportunity and see that it’s doing more good than just breaking even or barely making money then it’s a scam or at the least not for you. 

#9 Know Who Your Dealing With:

If the owner of the site is nowhere to be found this could also raise a red flag. They will always put a fake owner actor in but a real owner  is not always the case. It’s less likely to be a scam if the owner is showing at least a real picture and bio with contact info.

Then if they get back to your questions with personalized and not canned responses this can be a good indicator that it’s more legitimate. 

Also do your reasearch on the owner and google their names and see if they have been tied to any other scams. See if the name is notorious for scams and is a fake name.

See if they have any other legitimate programs.

If you do a search for the owner and you get nothing and the name seems fake or you just get no info at all, this could be another sign of a scam. 

My Advice In Regards To Make Money Online Scams  

In conclusion there’s not any real set of rules to tell you 100% without a doubt if something is a scam or not.  You need to just know the info and know what to look for to be able to safeguard yourself from getting scammed.

It’s hard to know what exactly to look for as the scammers are constantly trying to mimic legit sites. 

With all the different scams out there you must try using a few of the techniques above to check the legitimacy of the program in question.

You will cut out 99% of the scams if you at least try using some of the

  • 9 ideas to safeguard yourself (above)
  • 6 things to look out for (above)

If you’re still on the fence whether or not some program is a scam or not just come back here and ask in the comments, if you’re unsure about something being a scam or not. 

What Options Do You Have, Are There Any legitimate Programs Anymore? 

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The problem with trying to make money online is you end up getting confused, feeling very frustrated, and not even knowing what you really should be doing.

If you can believe that a program will work for you, it’s a good start… but not enough.

Your average day is still probably spent looking at what others are doing and thinking “How can I do that too?” 

Then no matter how much you learn, you just can’t seem to put it all together. It becomes so overwhelming to do what seemed like such as easy task.

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